Mark Driscoll and Patheos

There has been outrage lately, especially on twitter, about the interfaith website Patheos giving Pastor Mark Driscoll a platform, in light of his morally gross character and refusals to see his own wrong-doing. Again, like my post on evangelicalism, I will make no attempt to disguise my contempt. Driscoll is an over-compensating misogynistic control-freak who […]

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Synthesizing Congdon and Zizek (Introduction to My Dilemma)

Books that will be discussed: Allow for a brief summary of Congdon before I proceed. Congdon, one of my favorite theologians at the moment, is a Barthian-Dialectical theologian who draws heavily from Bultmann and demythologization. The crux of his tradition draws from Hegel’s philosophy of Spirit with God as Geist which relates itself to itself, determining […]

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The Twilight of the Idols

Capet is no longer! Peoples of Europe! Peoples of the world! Look carefully at the thrones and you will see that they are nothing but dust! These words were written in a Revolutionary’s journal, in France, after the execution of the king. I dont think people realize the ultimate existential epiphany that this execution was. Picture […]

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Disclaimer before I begin: I am not, in any way whatsoever, friendly with evangelicalism. I make zero attempts to disguise my disgust with Evangelicalism, and I am not going to start here. This is not because I am a bigot who can’t handle the “hard truths” of the gospel. I used to be an evangelical […]

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Radical Theological Politics (Part 3: Zizek’s Radical Christianity)

As we have already covered, Levinas represents a rather unique line of ethical theory. Using Husserl and Heideggeran phenomenology, Levinas argued that in encounter with the Other, through the experience of inifinitude/alterity and compassion for the Other, we have our moral experiences. In other words, it is the face of the Other that is the […]

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